Why Join

If you enjoy swimming or want to learn to swim then joining Westbury Swimming Club is a great idea.  Not only will you make loads of new friends but you’ll receive the best coaching so you can improve your technique.  Also the club has Swim21 accreditation which is the ASA’s ‘quality mark’.

 Perhaps you fancy yourself as the next Rebecca Adlington or Liam Tancock?  If so, here are a few reasons to take the plunge: 

Swimming is great exercise and the best sport for improving heart and lung power and   muscle tone in general.  It is also low impact and so puts little stress on growing joints.
You will learn all four strokes and also other skills like diving, turns, skulling etc.
We have friendly coaches and volunteers who make learning fun and help our swimmers reach their full potential
Swimming is the best way to improve your general fitness for other sports like football, netball, athletics etc.
Knowing how to swim could save your life!

 So contact us today to find out more about joining Westbury Swimming Club or drop by the pool to take a look.